The CAC actively tracks State & Federal policy issues affecting CA commercial airports. Policy & comment letters of the association can be found below.

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Zero-Emission Airport Shuttle Bus Measure Comment Letter

Comment letter on the California Air Resources Board Zero Emission Airport Shuttle Bus measure. 

Support for FAA Reauthorization Amendment Re Firefighting Foam

The California Airports Council supports the ability of airports to transition to the use of firefighting foams that do not contain fluorinated chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and have negative health impacts on people.

South Coast AQMD Air Quality Management Plan Comments

The California Airports Council (CAC) writes to express strong concern about the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) approved at the March 3, 2017 Board Meeting.

SCAQMD Airport Facility-Based Measures

The CAC supports the staff proposal to pursue individual Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with airports in the Basin rather than endorsing an Indirect Source Rule (ISR). After months of concerted meetings and workshops, airports have been able to provide information on their extensive environmental programs and share critical concerns about pursuing an ISR.

Opposition to Proposed Ground Access Amendments for FAA Reauthorization Bill

Congress may consider a federal working group to examine ground transportation operations at airports and develop recommendations for the Department of Transportation to implement. The imposition of federal regulation on airport ground access and requiring airports to charge “equal
rates” overlooks the different value of such resources and privileges between different types of providers.

Comments on the Draft Sustainable Freight Action Plan to State Action Plan Partners

California’s airports remain committed environmental stewards, investing millions of dollars in both infrastructure and equipment to support a cleaner future for the industry. We appreciate the dedication of the State Action Plan Partners to implement the plan in response to the Governor’s Executive Order (B-32-15) and offer the following considerations as the freight industry transitions to […]