The CAC actively tracks State & Federal policy issues affecting CA commercial airports. Policy & comment letters of the association can be found below.

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Support Renewal of the Alternative Minimum Tax Exemption for Private Activity Bonds

The Senate bill, MAP21, included a provision to renew the exemption from the application of the AMT to PAB interest. This provision, if included in the Conference Report, will have a substantial benefit for California airports and their ability to finance a variety of infrastructure projects.

Support Letter for Modernization of Nation’s Airport Infrastructure and Financing Mechanisms

The CAC firmly believe’s that modernizing airport infrastructure is the best option for strengthening our nation’s aviation system to meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow. California’s airports are powerful economic engines, generating more than $62 billion in annual activity and supporting more than 300,000 jobs. However, our airports’ needs far exceed […]

Support for Passenger Facility Charge

On October 27, 2011, a coalition of twelve airport operators wrote recommending consideration of easing the federal regulation of the Passenger Facility Charge. This would allow airports to forego Airport Improvement Program entitlement funds, allowing the federal government to use the savings as spending cuts for deficit reduction. The CAC offers support of this initiative.

Protect Airport Improvement Program Funding for Airports

The CAC urges to protect vital airport funding by preventing the FAA from potentially using additional Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant money to alleviate the FAA’s budgetary deficit. In Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13), the FAA transferred $250 million from the program to eliminate furloughs and prevent air traffic control tower closures at the expense of airports’ […]